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Frets On Fire is the number one computer guitar game. With inverted keyboard setup it lets you hold your keyboard like a guitar to rock. is your official gateway to download the game for free. Just click on the Install button above to get to the download page, and in just a few seconds you'll be playing your favorite songs on your newly-transformed guitar keyboard!

With hundreds of songs to choose from, you can try new ones all the time. Or you may want to find a very impressive one and practice it over and over until you can play it like a guitar hero.

Thousands have downloaded Frets On Fire and now it's your turn. Click on the Install button above, then click the Download button on the next page to start playing right now! If your RealPlayer program is not up to date, it may automatically install that first so you can enjoy the best quality as you play.

Here are some of our favorite videos. After you download the game, come back and watch them to see how you compare!